With Sunday School,
creche and cry room facilities.

Last pm service of the
month is a prayer meeting.

Tel: 041 360 2227
Erica Girls Primary School, Bayview Road,
Mount Croix, 6001.



The non-negotiable core values of Grace Bible Church are:

1.  Worship God in spirit and truth
2.  Exalt Christ in everything
3.  Highlight the gospel of Jesus Christ
4.  Minister God's Word through expository preaching and personal counseling
5.  Develop and sustain a biblically qualified and functioning leadership of pastors and deacons
6.  Preach and teach biblical theology
7.  Equip every member to develop and use their spiritual gift to build up the church
8.  Emphasize the role of the church in God's plan and the lives of God's people
9.  Facilitate evangelism and missions
10. Promote biblical discipleship and spiritual growth
11. Pray fervently and with faith
12. Strengthen godly marriages and families
13. Promote Christian love for all people
14. Teach the biblical understanding of conversion
15. Ensure the ministry is conducted by word and deed
16. Encourage church membership
17. Practice church discipline
18. Administer baptism and the Lord's Supper

(Taken from Wayne Mack, Shepherd's Conference, 2009)